Final Instructions - Bible Study Guide
Final Instructions Book CoverAbout the Author, Jim Sayles

          Because he was delivered from seven years of bondage to false religion and heavy New Age occult involvements at the age of thirty-eight, Mr. Sayles pursued his new and very real relationship with the Lord with intensity and a deep, personal awareness of the reality of spiritual warfare.

           He has been a counselor for the Royal Ambassadors, an organizer and counselor for Hope Camp (an evangelistic camp for “at risk” boys and girls), a participant in prison ministry, a volunteer for public crusades, a new church planter, a Bible teacher, a home group leader, and a vigorous personal witness whenever the opportunity arises.

           The gifts of the Lord for understanding and teaching the word of God have been evident from the begiinning, and the ruling scripture passage of his life, which he received as a vision shortly after his conversion experience, is John 14:15:

           “If you love me, obey my commands.” 


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